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We are situated on the shores of the sparkling Swartvlei Lake outside Sedgefield, this Garden Route retreat offers the ultimate holiday experience in tranquil, safe surroundings. But which also means that Pinelake is a watersport haven! Our Resort facilities include pedallos, water skiing, tubing, 5 swimming pools, 1 heated pool, putt putt, tennis, squash, games room, canoeing, jacuzzis, Pine Vibe Gym, Pine Express Convenience Shop, Pine Vibe Sports Bar and much more!

Practical self-catering accommodation, extensive facilities and diverse activities will keep young and old entertained. Should you wish to explore beyond the resort, it is conveniently situated within an hour’s drive of most attractions, venues and sites in the region. Pine Lake Marina is one of those resorts where there are so many activities to participate in, that you and your family may not have enough time to do everything you wanted to.

In the late 50’s a piece of land was acquired from the property “Gretna Green” (Pine Lake Marina) on the banks of the Swartvlei Lake for the purpose of establishing the George Yacht Club. A jetty was built and a clubhouse erected which consisted of a lounge 40 feet long with picture windows giving an unobstructed view of the lake and the surrounding hills. There was a kitchen, a storeroom and a cloakroom. In 1960 the property was put up for auction when the Yacht Club moved to Island Lake.

Rosalie's mother, Beryl Groenewald was staying in George at the time and went along to the auction sale. She was so taken with the view of the Swartvlei Lake and the big lounge that she bought the property. Giving the news to “Pa Groenewald” was a bit of a hurdle, but she duly sent the telegram off, “have bought house”. Approaching retirement he was still working in Pretoria and Beryl decided that she would establish their retirement home in this idyllic spot. Letters passed between them, “you don’t say how many bedrooms there are” and the reply, “ there is a stunning view”. Living in a yacht clubhouse did not prove to be very comfortable. There was no telephone, and at that time, no electricity. Beryl decided that “you can’t live on a view alone” so she put the property on the market and moved to Knysna.

Rosalie recalls that Chris Barnard thought of buying the property so that his daughter, Deirdre could water ski on the Swartvlei Lake. However a Mr Barnes, from Cape Town, paid his deposit first, moved in and immediately set about building seven bedrooms which he intended letting to guests. This extension formed a courtyard with the lounge and had bathrooms joining the buildings at both ends. All was just completed when Mr Barnes suffered a heart attack and died. The transfer of the property had not yet been registered nor the balance of monies owing paid to the attorneys. The property subsequently reverted to Beryl Groenewald.

One morning while Rosalie's sister was visiting her mother, her little daughter, Janet was sitting at the kitchen table eating her breakfast when John Solomons, the general helper, came in carrying a cylinder of gas for the stove. As he walked in he heard a slight hissing sound and shouted to the maid to rush the young girl out the room while he flung the cylinder out the back door. There was a huge blast as the leaking gas ignited from the flame under the paraffin fridge. John suffered some burns, the kitchen was blown away and all the glass panes dropped out of the lounge windows.

The outcome of this was that the insurance paid for a new fully equipped kitchen. So now, Beryl not only had bedrooms for her house but a brand new kitchen as well, all for no more than the initial price she had outlaid. Is that the luck of the Irish, or what? The Home becomes a Restaurant In time, the Meakers, owners of Pine Lake Marina, bought the Groenewald property and the house became a restaurant called “Johnny’s Tavern”, named after their son who lost his life in an accident. Their daughter “Moya” had won the crown of “Miss South Africa” in 1959. When Pine Lake Marina became a timeshare resort the restaurant was reconstructed and became the popular Watney’s Restaurant. The property changed hands again in February 2010 when an overseas consortium bought it. The restaurant building has been renovated and transformed.

The characters that had made a home out of an old yacht clubhouse on the Swartvlei are now an almost forgotten piece of Sedgefield's history

George Lakes Yacht club - Swartvlei

Brief History of the Club

Several gentleman of George, with an interest in Sailing, got together in 1954 to establish a yacht club. The inaugural meeting was held on the 4th October, 1954. The attendance of 30 people confirmed the election of the interim committee as being the first formal committee of the Club. The constitution, drafted by the interim committee, was accepted. E.C. Ashley was the first Commodore. Russell Dumas, who owned Gretna Green, a resort on Swartvlei (now Pine Lake Marina), granted launching rights and boat parking to the new club. In 1955, the club purchased a portion of Gretna Green from the Dumas family so as to erect a clubhouse on the banks of Swartvlei. The purchase price was £450. First boats of members included a Sprog owned by founder member Malcolm Fraser and a Flying Dutchman and 14' Redwing, owned by Ernie Ashley. In the first season, several dinghies were added to the fleet register. An Inter Club Regatta was held on Swartvlei between Knysna Yacht Club and George Lakes Yacht Club.

A clubhouse was built and membership grew to 108 in 1956. However, in subsequent years, membership declined. The distance from George and the perils of sailing on such a large expanse of water (with inadequate rescue facilities) were cited as reasons. At a special general meeting held on 1 April, 1960, it was decided to sell the clubhouse and to seek a more suitable venue. In 1960 / 61, members constructed a judges box and flagpole on land leased from B. W. Dumbleton on an upper stretch of the Touw River - opposite the Fairy Knowe Hotel. In spite of this hard work, this venue was never used! The sailing waters were too restricted. Then in 1961, Malcolm Fraser and his architectural partner Andy Smit explored the southern shores of Island Lake and declared this site to be ideal. The club approved and voted funds to provide facilities. The property was leased from the George Divisional Council. Initially, a small platform was constructed as a judges box, thereafter the clubhouse as at present was built by members.

  • Permission granted by Sylvia Ferguson as well as attributing her.
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GPS Coordinates

34° 00' 08.95" S

22° 44 '28.84" E

Directions from George airport

How to get here from the airport
The George Airport is approximately 30 minutes drive (40kms):
Follow the N2 from George towards Knysna for 25km untill you reach the Swartvlei turnoff
approximately 5km before Sedgefield.
Take the Swartvlei Turnoff on your left for 400m
Take the first right and drive for 260m until you reach the Pine Lake Marina gates on your right.


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